We come on site and help you during the year vs the end of the year when honestly, no one remembers.  We make your tax compliance more seemless and less painful by keeping your financial data up to date and accurate.

Month End Close Out

Here is how we help you:

·        Work on site with client to help them manage their monthly Accounting.

·        Monthly Bank reconciliations of cash accounts.

·        Review all transactions and look for potential purchases that may need to be capitalized.

·        Review Transactions for asset dispositions

·        Reconcile Fixed Assets with depreciation schedule

·        Verify Payroll entries and liabilities

·        Create Journal entries for transactions needing correction

·        Review Accounts Receivable for correct application of payments and deposits.  Make adjustments as needed.

·        Review Accounts Payable for correct application of payments and checks written.  Make adjustments as needed.

·        Reconcile credit cards and verify transactions. 

·        Review loan payments for interest and principal payments

·        Review owner distributions and owner deposits